A reliable source of arguments

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

One of the most reliable sources of one-sided arguments in my household (meaning, I’m arguing with the air around me rather than my dear wife) is my daily dose of TED Talks.

I watch one every weekday morning while eating breakfast.

(You might actually feel grateful I write my daily letters to you before I watch a TED Talk, otherwise it’s possible you’d catch a glimpse of real-life Armchair Wrath!)

What are TED Talks?

Free videos of the world’s most prolific thinkers (or, at least those with the political clout to get a spot at 18-minutes of fame) sharing what they have discovered about life, the universe and everything. Many of them talk about issues directly and indirectly relevant to renovating classical music.

For example, Sir Ken Robinson’s talk.

If you are not aware, Sir Ken Robinson is an educator whose Ted Talk from 2004 is still the most frequently watched video. He talks about how the Education Establishment dehumanizes us by educating creativity out of us. Think about that as you attend a live classical music concert.

Then there are talks about music itself, the arts, education, creativity, leadership, sociology, psychology, technology, and so on. All these topics affect how we relate to classical music, so watching them will somehow enhance your experience and help renovate classical music concerts for you.

Indeed, they could be a great source of conversation topics, too.

TED Talks also parade a handful of prodigious children mechanically sharing their skills, as well as many other remarkable performances. A piano teacher even shares an inspiring story about his blind student Derek Paravicini and how music gave his autism focus… defo watch that one!

Most TED Talks give answers to questions many people have.

Some of them have even been a catalyst for my own answers to your live classical music questions.

Watch the five-episode video series “What’s the Matter with Classical Music?” to get answers to the most pressing questions fans of classical music have today:




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