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"Music should be something that people DO!"

…Xenophon Kelsey wrote to me, and he is totally accurate!

Do you want your Corporation’s leaders to be more effective?

Do you want to improve your conducting skills and engage audiences?

Do you want your ensemble to dramatically improve its performance skills?

Do you want to boost your own concert career?

British American Conductor Composer Stephen P BrownThese four approaches to sharing music with others are my specialty. With over 35 years experience performing on four continents along with teaching and working in small business and Corporate USA, not only can I relate and ‘speak your language’ but I know how music can significantly improve your efficiency, impact, and bottom line.

Here’s some pompous official-speak:

As a Conductor and Creative Visionary I help enthusiastic musicians and ensembles like you develop and pursue functional strategies and goals, so you can engage communities, earn a decent living as a performer, and help build a better society.

In the vernacular: I help you contribute to the culture you choose to live in.

This website

This website is the catalyst for learning how to harness and share your passion for live music with others, thereby growing an inspired community that wants to build a better society with the performing arts as one of its core activities.

Every week I post an article dealing with one of the three primary areas of concern according to my Annual Readers’ Survey 2015:

And I try and focus each of my articles around one of these “most popular” topics:

  • Community Group Development
  • Musician’s health
  • True classical music
  • Haydn Project/ Composing
  • Marketing
  • Incorporating children/ Retirement
  • #PsalmQuest

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Begin exploring ways you can share your passion for music right now, starting with what it means to “harness your passion:”Stephen P Brown thinking

Once you’ve been through those articles, browse the rest of my articles to see the other topics that can help you share your passion and keep a healthy balance.


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Rochester UK

The Norman Castle in Rochester, UK that was built in 1068, with the Gothic Cathedral in the background. I grew up in a village a little upstream from this view.


Right now my wife Melissa and I live in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, USA. I began life in an English country village under the shadow of a 1068 castle and Charles Dickens (who lived in Rochester), but have spent about an equal amount of time in both countries as well as a few others. Some of the non-musical things I like to do include swimming, bicycling, watching inspirational movies (including Star Trek!), cooking, and maintaining my website – although that may have to be outsourced soon.

If you’d like to know more about my musical history (i.e. read my biography), click here and I’ll take you to a new page.

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Or, watch the video below, in which you’ll get a sense of my approach to sharing live music at the World Premiere of one of my compositions!

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