Be careful what you worship

My wife is in the event industry.

Weddings, mostly.

A fellow small business owner recently shared a story that made us both cringe, not just because of the what happened, but more the fact that there is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay area of Florida to worship either cheap or, and this would be much worse, entitlement.

A bride-elect visited our friend’s little shop and spent a couple of hours talking about cake options – flavors, shapes, frosting, decorations,  size, etc.

(Right there: think of your own professional/ working hourly rate, and give two of them away.)

Turns out it’s another last-minute thing. The wedding is in two weeks.

Just when our friend thinks the deal is done and everything will be just how the bride-to-be wants it, she leaves to think about it.

Frustrating, perhaps, but no problem.

Two hours later, right before closing time, she returns.

The bride-elect had visited the local supermarket where they also offer specialty cakes. She found something that would satisfy her desires and at a considerably lower price.

Fair enough.

But then here’s the rub:

She returned to our friend’s cake shop and said she had found something similar at the supermarket but at a much better price. Although the bride-elect said our friend makes better cakes she asked if she could get the cake they agreed upon at the supermarket’s price.

Yes, it’s true.

That’s what she said.

Needless to say that our friend refused the job. If someone has that kind of gall up front, what will they be like to work with?! Apparently it is not unusual for penny-pinching customers to receive their cake and eat it, but then complain about it and demand some sort of refund.

For some reason, this particular bride felt entitled to something of high quality, produced quickly AND at a mass-production chain store price.

That’s all three: fast, cheap and good.

Can’t happen.

But it seems to be what a lot of people around here expect these days. Nay, believe they are entitled to.

And for the last few months (perhaps years), cheap seems to be the ruling option of them all. It’s why the USA makes big box stores and foreign manufacturers rich, and local business owners scramble for every penny. Here’s hoping you do not make your decisions in life based on price alone. Especially if you’ve left things to the last minute!

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And remember to watch what you worship:

If you worship cheap and fast more than quality, that might suggest a sense of entitlement.