Being, Relating and Doing

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Lifescore Assessment

We’re pretty much all familiar with goal setting.

Most people in the Western World do some sort of goal setting this time of year – or a few weeks later over the New Year celebrations.

But do those goals last? Are they achieved?

Not usually.

Why not?

Well, just how meaningful are those goals? After all, they tend to be the same ones over and over and over, year after year after year, right?


What if we could actually make difference-making goals based on where we are in life, as opposed to where we want to be according to peer pressure, the media, and ads?

Not just try to be SMART (which isn’t enough: our goals need to be SMARTER) when setting goals, but actually basing our goals on things that really mean something to us, individually, rather than the trendy, lazy version of “diet, exercise, earn more,” etc.

What if there was a better way to being, relating to others, and doing life?

Well, first we would need to understand what that means.

What does that look like?

How well am I being myself, relating to the world around me, and just how well am I doing at work, play and surviving?

Over the past several years Michael Hyatt has been working on a tool that produces a Lifescore Assessment based on exactly those three elements: being, relating and doing.

I’ve just taken my fourth assessment in four years (I was in the first beta test cohort when it was still an excel spreadsheet), and I am thrilled with the result!

What’s your Lifescore?

It’s a free tool available to anyone with an internet connection, and you can take it now…

It’s only about 10-15 mins without thinking about it, maybe 20 mins if you put some serious thought behind each scenario.

Take your free Lifescore Assessment now:

I’m pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the results… or, at least, pleased to identify a couple of areas you need to work on in 2018.

According to the pie chart above you can see the effect of the goals I’ve been setting over the past couple of years (those are the big slices), and next year I’ll be getting back to composing for my intellectual and emotional development (now that my father’s terminal illness is no longer a priority for me and my family). Clearly I need to work on a couple of other domains, too, and I will probably focus on improved financial stability, as well.

My wife will be pleased!

(That missing slice is a domain I chose not to measure, because it does not apply to me.)

So, what is your Lifescore, and what areas of your life will you be setting goals for in 2018 to make it your best year ever?!

Take your free Lifescore Assessment now: