A new word for the urban dictionary


I didn’t make that up.

James Newcomb did.

By the end of our “Musicpreneur” podcast interview, we had established that one of the ways I help make the world a better place to live is to encourage and guide classical musicians towards a well-paid, full-time career sharing live music with others.

It’s not quite Establishment material that I teach.

Yet it’s not exactly anti-Establishment, either.

So James said “we’ll have to figure out a new term to describe that!”

Here’s the 25-minute podcast:

102: The Disestablishmentarianization of Classical Music (feat. Stephen P. Brown)

“Don’t break it!”

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

There is a story about a young percussionist who was playing bass drum for a well-known tantrum-prone Conductor, who wanted more bass drum volume.

Nervously the young player thought he was playing louder but it still wasn’t enough, and he got the wrath of the Conductor. A more experienced colleague gave him wooden sticks and told him to just play as loud as his could…

“but don’t break the drum head!”

Everything was much better: Throughout the rest of the rehearsals and all four performances, the Conductor was happy (well, as happy as he ever was, I suppose), the player was happy, and the bass drum sounded great.

Until the last note of the bass drum in the last concert.

When it broke.

That poor young player was devastated and there was nowhere to hide.

He thought his career was over almost before it had begun. At least the bass drum didn’t need to be played again, otherwise his career might have been over! Instead, he spent the next 40+ years playing and teaching percussion, loving every minute of it.

Even though I’m a percussionist, that’s not my story.

It’s a story belonging to Bob McCormick, my guest on my latest podcast episode.

Listen here.

It’s worth it, even if just to listen to some great music as well as some interesting discussion about music in education… already I have received completely opposing responses! Which is good… it means From The Podium has given fans of classical music something to talk about.

Download and listen when you can in the next few days:



More of the best advice you were ever given: Bill Findeison

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you got started?

Bill Findeison

What is your official title?

  • Conductor and Musical Director, Second Winds (symhonic band), and
  • Executive Director of The Greater St. Petersburg Area Awesome, Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band.

What project will you be working on in three months from today?

  • We’ll be working on preparations to take our 200-piece marching band to Seattle in July for the Seafair.

More of the best advice you were ever given: Lee Lafleur

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you got started?


Lee is a flute/piccolo player in the Dunedin Concert Band, Second Time Arounders Marching Band, and the St. Petersburg Community Band!

What is your official title?

  • Prior-Division Vice President; General Manager of an International organization

What project will you be working on in three months from today?

  • Buying a business or reemployment