A cultural shift about to happen

I have caught word that a child is using his imagination and I’ve come to put a stop to it.Principal Skinner
The Simpsons

Remarkable how accurately The Simpsons writers reflected our farcical realities.

But that child is now a grown consumer.

…and about to rediscover Classical Music.

Are you ready for that?


Man with imagination in a suit

Why does Classical Music shut down over the Summer?

Not all audiences can access out of town Festivals and Summer Camps

I have never understood the Classical Music industry’s obsession with the Academic school year.

Okay, schools take the Summer off so that kids can go out to the fields and help bring in the harvest. Wait… does anyone still do that? [Shakes head rapidly] That discussion will have to wait.

Last week there were forty-four concerts in my town. Four of them could be deemed “Classical.” This week, there are thirty-five concerts in my town, and one of them is Classical. Yes, I wrote “1.” In fact, it’s not even in my town – it’s half an hour away, but my local rag (newspaper) listed it anyway.

bar concert

You have more in common with Marilyn Monroe than you think

We all do. The difference is how we react to it.

I try to write an article every week, and to accomplish that I follow a carefully designed schedule. Sometimes, something happens that deserves interrupting that schedule. What I witnessed earlier this week warrants an interruption:

Across the river Thames from the West End is a small theater lost in the quagmire of 1950s-1970s concrete development. Coincidentally, it is called the LOST Theatre, and these next couple of weeks a small professional company is putting on quite a remarkable show there, Norma Jeane the Musical. I was privileged to be invited to watch one of the last run-through dress rehearsals, and was nothing short of impressed.

Norma Jeane the Musical

7 bold ways live music will make you enchanted

Twenty experts tell us why live music is vital for every human

Since the beginning of 2016 I have been inviting experts throughout the music industry to help you gain clarity and avoid the mistakes they have made, by sharing their thoughts and advice. We are clearly in the midst of a fascinating journey of discovery, with input from managers, composers, producers, consultants and educators as well as performers.

So far, responses from twenty-two generous experts have been received and I was interested in what they have to say, collectively, as individuals from different cultures and different perspectives of live “classical” music.

Shall we shed some light on why they think live classical music is so important to life – the life of every human on the planet?