The fastest way to fail with your goals (And more…)

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

Believe it or not, there are five common blunders that sink most people’s goals for a new year.

They’re mistakes we make all the time — and likely, they’re the reason that most people never achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, year over year over year.

If you want 2018 to be the year you actually accomplish your goals, you need to know these blunders…

So, join me at Michael Hyatt’s upcoming webinar, Navigate Your Way to Success in 2018:

5 Blunders That Can Shipwreck Your Goals (And How to Avoid Them).

Learn to identify the mistakes so you don’t commit them. It’s a sure way to make 2018 different than all the years before it.

Michael usually offers a number of different webinar times and dates, so go check them out and sign up! His webinars are always FREE, but seats tend to fill up quickly.

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Has this been your best year ever?

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

I hope you are well.

How have things been?

I realize 2017 isn’t quite over yet, but I really hope this has been your best year ever!

It certainly has been for me.

Not all the goals I set at the beginning of the year have been met, but certainly more of them have been checked off so far than usually happens, so with hand on heart I can say “YES! This has been my best year ever!”

Clarity and focus seem to be the main reasons why.

Partly thanks to Michael Hyatt.

It’s not often I plug other people’s stuff, but when I do it’s because it works: whatever is on offer I have used myself and found it effective. For the past three years both my work and play have been refined through one of Michael’s productivity programs and it’s clearly had a positive effect on my life, my wife’s life, and the lives of classical music fans all over the world…

maybe even including you!

So, throughout December, you will see lots of stories and links related to Michael’s program, beginning with a self-assessment as well as exercises, webinars, and finally the full program itself.

You can participate as much or as little as you want to,


Consider why SPB is sharing it with you with aplomb.

If you want to achieve anything, including simply a ‘better life’ whatever that means for you, this program will help.

It’s not for everyone, but it just might be perfect for you at this time of your life.

So, please be excited and patient as the stories and lessons I share with you over the next few weeks relate to making a better life for yourself, using examples and outcomes from my three years of taking Michael’s ever-developing program “Best Year Ever” (including Michael’s pilot pre-launch version!) It’s made a massive positive impact in my life, and I hope it will in yours, too.

For example, one of my own goals this year was to broadcast my own radio show/ podcast.

Have you heard it, yet?

Here is the latest episode with Rose Mallare:

…and the next episode will be a little different, methinks 🙂

Know thy consequences

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

A while back a friend came to the area, unfortunately not for a vacation.

On the one day they had to spare he decided to take his family to the beach (It is Florida, after all. If not here for Disney or Universal, most vacationers come for the beaches, despite there being a really active Arts scene, too). Coming from a forest environment, the children had never been to the beach before, so it was an exciting adventure.

All was well until the beautiful full rainbow appeared behind us.

We took lots of pictures and heard lots of aww-ing at the marvelous sight.

But it meant rain was on its way.

Apart from visiting the beach at possibly the busiest time of the year at the busiest time of the week, my friend didn’t want to leave. His kids were having so much fun and he simply wanted them to enjoy a ‘great day a the beach.’

Showing him a radar map indicating rain was coming our way, and lots of it, eventually we persuaded them to leave, helped by the 50% of the other beach-goers who had already left and another 40% who were hiding under the permanent picnic canopies. It took a while, but we got back to the car and everybody piled in, shivering and with blue lips.

The consequence?

Everyone got a cold.

Even me.

Days of discomfort and annoying coughing and sneezing, and a head stuffed like a water balloon ready to burst.

Today’s lesson, then is this: Remember that every decision you make has a consequence. Figure out as many consequences as you can and assess which one(s) are worth suffering or reaping. You can’t escape consequences, but you can both minimize the negative and maximize the positive impact they have on your life!

Staying on the beach too long in the rain meant that everyone suffered for days afterwards, lost a ton of opportunities for productivity because we couldn’t see straight, and in my opinion, it was all unnecessary. I told my friend that and he agreed.

Next time he’ll listen to The SPB, he said!

Here’s a decision you can make that is likely to have a GREAT consequence:

Download my award-winning composition Wind Quintet 1

15 minutes of beautiful music for less than $2.

Get your copy now:


Do you know how to kick-start your dreams?

Of course, knowing and doing are separate issues! Take this first step...

Planning takes us only so far. As a certified Project Manager, I can attest to the incredible usefulness of planning. Having a clear idea of where you want to go and a rough idea of how you are going to get there are good tools for success (however you have defined success). But for some reason, many people stop there… “Life” gets in the way, and our plans remain just that – plans.

Despite society at large telling us our dreams are not doable, practical, or are just downright impossible, there are people who follow their plans and succeed at achieving their dreams.

Here are three steps to take that will ensure your dreams, goals and plans remain on track, centered, focused, and are actually realized and achieved:

Goal Dream Task

7 quick ways to embrace delightful simplicity

Distraction-free simplicity can add joy

A marvelous article Boiling down to the essentials has been the greatest gift by Czarina Aggabao Thelen shares how keeping things simple have increased her joy, delight and gratitude.

As musicians juggling multiple poles with spinning plates on them, we can often be blinded by our busyness and not see how to make life simple, even if we hanker for it. I felt compelled to share my own experience in the blog post’s comments.

So why should and how can musicians stuck with “First World” expectations keep things simple?

Wall Storage Tidy Simplicity

5 terrific exercises to conquer time and energy

Grow your perspective and manage your energy

Today we explore three articles that help us conquer our time and energy management. In fact, one of the articles suggests we should focus on managing our unlimited energy resources more than our limited time resources! We also look at what one CEO of five companies recommends we focus on, but we start with five very easy five-minute exercises that will increase our productivity many times over.

Time and Energy Management