Clearly size does not matter

You know, I’m working on something REALLY BIG.

At least, big for anyone who is a Fan of Classical Music.

If that’s you, I can’t wait to share the project with you in a couple of weeks.

(And be prepared – it ain’t cheap. Save your $$ for it!)

If you’re not a Fan of Classical Music…


I have no idea how you got here, but here’s to new adventures!

As things get ready for the big launch, I’ve also been working on something really small.

A mini-podcast.

A podcast is just an online version of a vocal cassette tape or LP, or even CD. Usually a host interviews someone, or it’s just an expert sharing their thoughts. Sometimes you get music and other activities, too, but not often. And most podcasts are about half an hour long, or even an hour+.

Mine is two minutes.



And in that 2mins I share with you some fascinating aspects that make a piece of classical music really good – something worth rating – as well as one or two points that perhaps could be better – yes, I criticize it. And in the UK there’s a slang term for that: Slate.

My Classical Rate N Slate podcast is completely free.

The Albinoni one is my favorite so far. It’s on the Full Archive page.

It is SO worth you listening to for two minutes each week, and I’m pretty sure you will also want to share it with someone, whether through email, social media, or even just telling someone about “Stephen’s Classical Rate N Slate. It’s really good!”

Don’t believe me?

As a musician, I am always looking for ways to enhance my knowledge. Stephen’s Classical Rate N Slate is a great way to do just that! The information is clear and concise.Ashley
I have never given much thought to the composers and the music itself. Refreshing to hear your thoughts about this wonderful, widely varied world of classical tunes.Tom
I have learned something new with each one of your reviews. Your Classical Rate N Slate is a brilliant feature – it’s like listening to classical music with my own personal guide. Love it!Lianne

Clearly, size doesn’t matter.

Short podcasts can be just as packed with helpful info as the really long ones.

Every Monday you can download the latest episode, so…

Take 2mins right now and listen to today’s.

It’s about Bach.

And if you want, you can even sign up for the weekly email to know exactly when the next episode is published!


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