Be all that you can be with coaching

I've always had a coach - Itzhak Perlman

Option 1

Settle for less: study, practice and execute.

Option 2

Be the best you can possibly be: with external eyes and ears observing, critiquing and encouraging.


If you prefer option 1, please stop reading now and watch some more golden buzzer videos on Youtube.

I can help you with option 2.

My first coaching session with Stephen was totally inspiring! Overall, I learned a bunch and was both challenged and stimulated to think differently about my approach to a concert career lifestyle!Melissa Petrescue
Concert Pianist



Every pro athlete has a coach.

Every first-grade global CEO has a coach.

Why do musicians, performers, and arts managers not have coaches?

Itzhak Perlman said “I don’t know. I’ve always had a coach.”

The benefits of coaching are well documented all over the internet. Here are 20 specific benefits.

You’re here, reading this, so you already know that coaching is worth your time and money.

Stephen’s inspirational and effective approach helped pave the way for my future successful musical career.Richard Scarff

Am I right for you?

Call me if you identify with one of these characters:

  • A Performer (instrumentalist or singer)
  • A Producer (you host your own concerts and events)
  • A Conductor (you help others share live music)
  • A Teacher (higher ed, high school, middle school)
  • A Manager (you coordinate events, ensembles or performers)
  • A Leader (you help an organization accomplish its goals)

Watch this webinar to get you on the right path:

The 5-step blueprint freelance classical musicians use to earn a decent living

Mr. Brown challenged me to be the best person I could be, without my even realizing it.Lisa Marie

Let’s talk and just make sure we’re the perfect coaching match…