Professional Coaching Programs

Solid coaching for the serious performer

As a musician yourself, how effective are you at sharing music with others? Could you perform better, relate better, choose more engaging music, perform in environments more suited to your personality?

Many of the answers you need but didn’t know you were supposed to be looking for are in this collection of articles.

Below are some of the coaching benefits for all budgets.

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Premium Program

+ A full year
+ Concentrated accountability
+ Intense goal setting
+ 45 minute calls weekly
+ unlimited emails

12 x monthly payments $2,197

Mastery Program

+ 6 months
+ Focused career direction
+ Goal setting and accountability
+ 30 minute calls weekly
+ Weekly one-to-one emails

6 x monthly payments $1,297

Trailblazer Team

+ Full year
+ Monthly Teleseminars
+ Group coaching
+ Team accountability
+ Transcript and DIY worksheets

12 x monthly payments $97

Follow-Up Consultation

+ Single session
+ Focus on a specific topic/ decision/ challenge
+ Focused decision process
+ Stress and anxiety eliminated

What others are saying…

“Stephen’s inspirational and effective approach to music education helped paved the way for my future successful musical career.” -Richard Scarff

“Stephen clearly demonstrates his vast understanding of leadership among an international gathering of senior level thought leaders. He is able to take complex principles and theories and then translate his thoughts. He does an amazing job of using powerful analogies.” -Lisa Fields

“Stephen is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help others grow” -Wendy Davies, Principal Medway Community College

“Stephen is highly skilled at what he does, and he approaches his work with an enthusiasm and passion that’s contagious.” -Dave Gustavsen, Senior Pastor Jacksonville Chapel

“Mr. Brown challenged me to be the best person I could be, without my even realizing it,” -Lisa-Marie Pryor

“I learned a lot from Stephen about motivating myself. It has led me to want to share my own knowledge and skill with others.” -Andrea Vogler, Chetam’s School of Music

“You coach in such a positive manner that it makes me want to try harder and do better. You’ve helped me to relax in my studying, which actually makes it enjoyable! I don’t feel pressured, you’re fun to listen to, and anyone that allows you to share your knowledge would have a very positive experience.” -Kathleen Haft, University of the Sciences Philadelphia

“Stephen demands excellence with grace and with an exceptional knowledge.” -Pam Ayers, Kent College

“Stephen’s focus, energy and ideas seemed endless, and his delivery itself was a lesson for me.” -Robin Fenton, Director of Music, Maplesden Noakes School