Community validation is a huge deal.

Dear #Classicalmusic Fan,

Community validation is a huge deal.

When someone else not only joins a crusade alongside you, but also let’s you know why or cheers you on, it is simply the best demonstration of other people wanting to make the world a better place as much as you do.

No better example of that, occurred this week.

Donations for my new radio show and podcast From The Podium have been steadily coming in, mostly offline. The other day, as I was sorting through the mail, I flipped one hand-written envelope over to open it.

But what I saw made me tear up.

That particular fan of classical music had written a message on the back:

“For the good work you do, take a bow.”




(Thank you so much, James.)

Not only did the envelope contain a generous tax deductible donation made payable to “Fractured Atlas” with From The Podium, Live in the memo line, but that encouragement certainly helped validate the effort our team of creative and technical experts is putting in to bringing classical music to the airwaves and podcast world in a new way.

And so the day went a lot better after that!

We launch the show on Saturday, November 4 at 8am Eastern with four pilot episodes throughout November, and you’ll want to know how to listen in, right?

Donate today, and I’ll tell you exactly how…

You’ll even be able to call the show and join in the Podium Chat!

Here’s to bringing good music to life, and giving fans of classical music something to talk about…

Donate here:


FTP Donation Envelope Message