Composing: It’s a thief!

Another late night last night. Composing is one of those activities that easily, quickly and sneakily steals your life away. Whether sitting down to deliberatly write some music, or if you get a sudden moment of inspiration, it can end up being several hours before you stop.

Such happened last night. I knew I had to get working on the last remaining movement of my new piece “Tapestry Tampa Bay” so after an early admin start, a day full of spreadsheets and html, a great dinner & movie, finish reading a book (see this Thursday’s blog), I settled down to create the movement’s focus.

It started well.

It continuted well.

The structure became very apparent.

The texture grew organically.

Then a quiet little voice poked behind my office door and asked “Did you sleep, yet?”


I love my wife for keeping me sane, and so a few hours ago I went to bed.

But the piece is sounding GREAT! I think I’m going to dedicate a 6 week blog series just to this new piece – exploring it’s structure, sounds, story and inspirations. Would you like that?

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One thought on “Composing: It’s a thief!

  1. That would really be cool! I&#39;d be interested to read about where the structure of the piece came from, as well as the inspirations behind it – and I think your audience of musicians would also benefit from knowing &quot;what the composer had in mind.&quot; <br /><br />And yes, get some sleep. 😉

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