#PsalmQuest 20 Distracted Devotions (WQ3)

Distracted Devotions for Wind Quintet by Stephen P Brown
The 20th composition in my 7-year #PsalmQuest, “Distracted Devotions (WQ3)” is based on Psalm 5

  • 3.5 minutes
  • Wind Quintet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn
  • Flute is easily distracted from the task at hand

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“Distracted Devotions (WQ3)″ is my third Wind Quintet, and written in two parts. Each part contains a prayer request, (for justice and righteousness), an affirmation of evil, and hope in fellowship and righteousness. Usually used as a morning prayer, Psalm 5 clearly contains the difficulties of concentrating and staying on task. Today we might label this ADHD and give someone a pill, but it’s just normal. As the flute demonstrates.


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Distracted Devotions for Wind Quintet by Stephen P Brown


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