#PsalmQuest 55 Let Our Faces Shine

For Flute, Bass and Percussion

Let Our Faces Shine

The 55th composition in a 7-year #PsalmQuest, “Let Our Faces Shine” is based on Psalm 34

  • + 3.5 minutes
  • + A gentle, plodding, calming piece
  • + Builds sustained low notes in the flute

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Program Note

“Let Our Faces Shine” is based on a version of Psalm 34 written by Scottish poet Frank McEleny. The gentle plodding bass line introduces a calm environment which the percussion punctuates and the flute creeps in to support. Soon, though, the flute takes over like a bright light shining on our faces, with the warmth radiating through our skin. How very comforting! But as we consciously return to reality, so does the music wind down, finishing much how it started… with the monotonous grind of daily life. Do you agree? Visit www.StephenPBrown.com to see more details and other #PsalmQuest compositions.

Sample page:

#PsalmQuest 55 Let Our Faces Shine Score Page 1



Video (MIDI rendition)

Audio (MIDI rendition)


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