Tapestry Tampa Bay

Winner of a Global Music Award of Excellence for an Original Score

Tapestry Tampa Bay - The Concert

“Tapestry Tampa Bay” is an award-winning six-movement piece of classical music for a 13 member chamber ensemble composed by British-American Conductor-Composer Stephen P Brown, which reflects various characteristics about the Tampa Bay region of Florida, USA.
Totally refreshing and enjoyable. Please do it again.Ron

Absolutely inspiring.Bill

“Tapestry Tampa Bay – The Concert”
A presentation of Tapestry Tampa Bay and six other original compositions.
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World Premiere performance 2012

What a wonderful surprise. I hope a tour comes out of this.Jill

I love the stories, and then the music plays them out.Vanessa

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Stephen shared his research, inspiration and the composition process whilst writing Tapestry Tampa Bay. Below are links to each article.

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