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Richey Community Orchestra and Chorus

He’s a force of nature, and a splendid guide/companion on an adventurous musical jaunt.Morristown Green

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ozawa boultOne of the most effective ways I help people experience live music is by working with many performers at one time, and helping them present what they have to share with many listeners.

In other words, conducting.

But I do not simply stand in front of an ensemble and wave my arms around imitating a Seiji-Ozawa-like cartoon character. Neither do I stand there as a lump of Adrian-Boult-like coal, completely emotionless.

You’re a great conductorBill Cutts
French Horn

Instead, it is my goal to encourage each and every performer to dig deep and share their greatest music with whoever is listening. At the same time, I encourage listeners to engage in the music through entertaining chat from the podium. Listen to what the audience after this concert band performance had to say:

If you are looking for a traditional, conforming, tails-wearing, silent time-beater, please don’t book me. If you want help engaging your audience and motivating your performers to get out there and share live music with others, then I’m one of your best bets.

I have learned more in the past year under your direction than I have over the past 50 years!Dave Snider

With a constantly-growing repertoire list of 300+ pieces, and experience on four continents working with

  • Orchestras
  • Choirs
  • Concert Bands
  • Chamber Ensembles
  • Musical Theatres

I am sure we can work together to help your organization and your performers achieve some ambitious audience engagement goals.

Check out my EPK, then go ahead and send me an initial inquiry so we can start talking dates, goals and dreams.

I actually woke up this morning thinking about how wonderful it would be to not have to wait until next Summer to work with youMara Gurevitz

Public Appearance Schedule

Conducting EPK

Some more feedback:

Stephen P. Brown is a very amusing and entertaining guy and very obviously completely enraptured by what he’s doing. Which is — and I didn’t really think anymore that it was possible — playing modern classical music that’s utterly accessible and stunningly lovely. All while showing everybody a ripping good time.Morristown Green
Stephen is very knowledgeable. His phrasing is very good. He’s very encouraging. He brings us the freedom to think on our own, to help us be spontaneous.Judy Kang
Stephen is a very charismatic emcee. He will draw the audience in with charm and humor. He is a demanding conductor who gets the best from his players with encouragement instead of criticism. He has grace, poise and an incredible ear. In 25 years in music I’ve never worked with someone like him before.Kathleen Haft
Stephen is professional but very empathetic. He knows how to deal with players of varying capabilities with humor and skill.Jane Rondin


SPB with Judy Kang, NYC 2010

SPB with Judy Kang, NYC 2010