Dress Code

...of a different kind

A different kind of dress code

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4 thoughts on “Dress Code

  1. People that dress smart get notice by everyone. By dressing smart, you improve your outlook on life. The same goes for music.The type of music that you listen to, tells the world the type of person you are. Listening to classical music will make you look sohisticated to other and it will make you standout more.

      • This happened to me while I was growing up. My Uncle Harry was a Classical/Opera Lover and he always taken me and his son (my cousin) to the Opera every three to fourth month. It was a pleasure going with my uncle. He always explain to both of us what the story is about. The rule is we all have to wear suit to see the Opera with him. I really miss going to the Opera with him.

        • There are times it is fun to dress up to attend concerts. And other times it’s just as nice to dress down. So glad it brought back great memories, Joseph. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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