Evacuation is no trivial matter

I’ve never had to evacuate my home before.

Well, to be truthful, we don’t actually have to evacuate now, because Irma is predicted to head up the East Coast of Florida at the weekend. Melissa and I had decided to beat the rush and take an unplanned road trip for a few days, sight-seeing some places we’ve not been before and seeing some old friends. We are all ready to leave tonight or tomorrow.

Although the folk on the East Coast (Keys, Miami, Daytona, Jacksonville) are having to leave their homes, we don’t need to go anywhere.

This time.

So how do my evac plans help you accomplish more than you thought possible?

Here are some lessons I’ve learned that will keep me, my family and my arts business afloat during a potential disaster, and which may very well serve you, too, in music and life equally:

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Be decisive.
  3. Always turn a potential negative reaction into a proactive adventure.
  4. Avoid putting yourself in harm’s way unnecessarily.
  5. Things can be replaced. Lives cannot.
  6. Appreciate there is no shame in changing your mind when the information you have now is vastly different than before!

Evacuation is no trivial matter.

What is trivial, is the fact that John Stanley wrote a piece of music known as the “Trumpet Voluntary” which does not actually include any trumpets… as we know them.

Find out what I mean in this little 2-minute podcast from a few weeks ago: