Forgive them, for they know not.

Dear #Classicalmusic Fan,

I once had a conversation with two people.

Just the three of us in a room.

A couple of days later, another colleague came up to me and said they couldn’t believe I’d agree to doing something… and they were right: it was completely out of character for me.

Turns out those two folk had spread false rumors about our conversation in order to get what they wanted.

They utterly misrepresented reality.

It also turns out that most people didn’t believe them, anyway.

Thank goodness.

They were what I call “professional politicians” meaning… they hadn’t done anything in life other than politics.

After a few more years negotiating with them on multiple projects, I learned two lessons:

  1. They cared very little about integrity and honesty, and much more about “what they could get away with.”*
  2. I should always lead a private conversation with a confidentiality agreement, and end it with a plan of action of who is going to say what, and when.

But I should forgive them.


For they know not what they do:

Because they have been playing their manipulative games for so very long they are literally unable to tell the difference between a discussion and a deal (that might sound familiar to some folk in the USA), between their opaque bubbles and the real world, between the boring truth and dramatic soundbites that enable the #massmedia to sell more million-dollar ads and commercials.

That’s why I am really looking forward to hosting the new radio show and podcast From The Podium next month –

Live, on-air interviews and listener phone-ins.

Can’t hide the truth in those conversations!

The first episode will be available live, locally and online, on Saturday, November 4 at 8am Eastern. It might even be available via Facebook…

Obviously, tune in to listen.

And call in for The Podium Chat.

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Together, I truly believe we can make the world a better place when we bring #classicalmusic back into regular life again.

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Thank you.


*(Kind of like speeding: many drivers choose to deliberately break the laws of the land and ignore the safety implications of speed limits, simply because they can get away with it… most of the time.)