Harness your passion


I like the verb “to harness”

Dictionary.com defines it as

To bring under conditions for effective use; gain control over for particular end.


And a simple Google search includes the definition

Control and make use of


Beginning 2015, it is my intent to help you harness your passion for live music, so that you can build a community of fans eager to attend concerts regularly.


With the advent of really cool and useful technology, live music is suffering. I mean “live” as in people who share organized sounds without the aid of electronics. There are times and places a microphone strapped to a violin is appropriate, and times it is not. Tweet:

As education decision-makers continue to exclude the fundamental purposes of human “be-ings” by omitting exposure to the performance arts, it is up to people who are already enlightened to collaborate and make up for governments’ lack of vision regarding long-term societal sustainability. Instead, we can encourage people to attend live concerts.

Deeper problems

However, it has become clear through my 2014 Annual Reader Survey that there are deeper problems than just effective concert production and marketing:

Emerging and amateur performers don’t know how to accomplish their dreams whilst “living life.”

Stephen P Brown helps emerging and amateur musicians keep their balance

Balancing the need to survive with our desires to participate in music is how I help, and clearly the most pressing elements include:

  • Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Sharing Your Passion

And as we’re now thinking about these things, I’d love to hear from you. Is there a specific [life/ time/ motivation/ sharing music] issue you struggle with? What are some of the ways you overcome it?

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