How do you get in front of your fans?

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

How do you get in front of your fans?

What methods do you use?

For several years now I have been reliably emailing my fans on a monthly, weekly, and currently weekday basis.

The world is full of noise and flashing sparkles, yet email has remained a stalwart of communication between us.

I’m very pleased about that.

And it seems you appreciate staying connected at your own pace at a time convenient to you, too.

I know Sue does.

She wrote me this:

‘Brilliant, my friend! Getting in front of people in this manner is necessary! — As always — I read and enjoy each newsletter. A fan 🙂 Sue

How are you keeping in front of your fans and engaging them?

Is it working?

Do you feel connected to them?

Becoming the best performer you could possibly be includes connecting with your audiences, so maybe we need to talk about how you can best do that.

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