Igniting Passion

and delivering spectacular performances...

The most common post-concert comment I hear from Performers is “I never thought we could accomplish that, but we did it!” To me, it’s my job as a Conductor and Coach to ignite your passion and help you deliver spectacular performances.

How do we do that?

Over the years I have worked with thousands of individuals in all sorts of environments and with all sorts of abilities, from rough inner-city schools to exclusive high-end opera, from distribution warehouses and trucking offices to national corporation C-level Executives, from amateur chamber ensembles to full-size professional orchestras, from ad-hoc gospel choirs to fully-staged West End and Broadway musicals, with sufferers who have vision and hearing limitations, to savants.

Do you know what I’ve learned?

No matter the environment and no matter our abilities, we can accomplish more than we thought was possible by following three very simple principles:

Stephen P Brown thinking

Principle 1:

Maintain a healthy balance.

Maintain a healthy balanceSet yourself achievable goals as well as challenging ones. That means completing an easy task really well focusing on details you normally skip over or struggle with, while at the same time giving yourself something challenging to work towards. Maintaining that healthy balance creates not only a memorable performance for your Performers and Audiences, but one that also significantly builds your confidence as well as your capabilities. Make sure your concert programs or task lists are well balanced with a 30-minute consultation. I will help you understand what a balanced program looks like, and why it is so very necessary.

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Principle 2:

Start at the end.

Start at the endEverything we do is a journey. Even if you don’t think it is, convert it! There are times it is fun to wander aimlessly in life, but even if you don’t know where you are going, there is actually a destination. For example, oftentimes I have a couple of days to spare so I get in my car and start driving. Where am I going? No idea. What’s my destination? Peace and quiet. Or fun. Or exploration. Or… See? There’s always a destination. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, always start with the end in mind. After all, that’s what your customers and audiences will remember the most… the end. If you want to see how to do this in real life, book a workshop and invite some friends. I’ll show you everything I know about accomplishing more that you thought possible, but especially why it is so important to start at the end.

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Principle 3:

Experience it in real life.

Find a motivator. Someone who can help you accomplish more than you thought was possible. As you do the task and get better, also watch, observe and learn their process – how they approach things, their terminology, their attitude, the elements they focus on as well as the elements they leave you to figure out on your own, and so on. When you actually experience achieving something you thought you couldn’t, you’ll remember it for a very long time. And having the first two principles under your belt, your in-person experience ratifies how it works. YOU will then be able to replicate such successes yourself, achieve far more than you thought was possible, and even help others accomplish more than they thought was possible. Let’s get together and I’ll show you how. Whether you want an ensemble you work with to experience it live, or you want me to demonstrate to your team how things get done, submit a booking inquiry now and let’s see what dates are available.

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But who am I?

Stephen P Brown is a high achiever who gets the best out of performers through spectacular concerts and coaching. He is a gifted, kindhearted, passionate, and encouraging conductor who leaves musicians feeling accomplished, engaged and inspired.

As an eminent authority on getting people to perform well beyond their own expectations, Stephen is a recognizable podcast personality and event host (M.C.) He is proud to be an internationally acclaimed musician having spent over 35 years performing on four continents. Maestro Brown is a two-time Global Music Awards winner, was Head of Music at a UK College, and spent several years working in small business and Corporate USA to better understand the challenges most people face every day. He will guide you through experiences that will impact the rest of your life and help change the world for the better.

So let’s get started!

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By the way,  if you are a “labels” person (Don’t be fooled: there is no box), then here are some descriptors people have used to introduce me:

Maestro, conductor, composer, educator, professor, teacher, pastor, doctor, musicman, undertaker, lawyer, writer, author, speaker, maverick, guru, and my personal favourite: Impresario.

(Of course, there have been a few more colorful expletives as well, but this is a family-friendly website!)

Anonymous Fan Feedback

How does SPB make you feel during or after a rehearsal or concert?

  • Always pleasant and relaxed but with a sense of accomplishment. He seems to draw out the best playing from each of us.
  • I feel engaged with what the other performers are doing and leave glad to have been a part of it.
  • Like a valued member of the ensemble.
  • That I am learning something new and would like the ensemble to reach its playing ability.
  • That I’m accomplishing something important for myself, the ensemble, and the community.
  • I leave rehearsals/ concerts more satisfied (and tired!)
  • Inspired to practice – I’d forgotten why I love making music. SPB holds a high but attainable standard.
  • I feel like I belong, happy to be involved, and appreciated for the hard work I put into rehearsals and practicing.
  • Like I don’t want it to end, no matter how much you wear me out!
  • Glad to be a part of the ensemble. Eager to practice and raise my level of musicianship.

“SPB is the guy to call when…”

  • When you want to make your day go a little better.
  • You have a new venture or idea and want to brainstorm ways to get it off the ground. Or if you need your office, yard or mind organized.
  • I need a reliable conductor to get the best results out of my groups of musicians.
  • You need help with fellow musicians who are not up to par with the group and how to handle the situation.
  • You need to find the common denominator that allows a group of musicians of varying skill levels to make good music together.
  • You want a spectacular performance.
  • A group has lost their direction and needs a fresh perspective.
  • Stephen is a talented Conductor who draws the best out of the musicians in front of him. His standards are high but he’s also quick to give honest praise or critique. As a professional musician, I appreciate his ability to acknowledge our less experienced musicians while encouraging the professionals in the group to maintain a high level of performance. He is an easy Conductor to follow!
  • You need anything. He will be there at anytime to answer any questions you may have and is always willing to help musicians learn and grow. He is a joy to work with!
  • I’m looking for motivation (in more areas than just music), knowing it will be delivered with a sense of humor and a sense of purpose.
  • When you need to get something done, now!

How has Stephen changed your perspective towards live music?

  • Performing causes us to expose parts of ourselves that make us vulnerable. I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I met Stephen and the standards he has.
  • I have always enjoyed live music but did not understand how much can be involved to reach out to others to let them know live music is available for them to hear, right here, locally! No matter what culture we’re from, live music is something we are all touched by. SPB is changing lives with the work he does! Thank you.
  • That music is a two-way process: we make music and the audience appreciates it, then they feed that energy back to us, making me feel more creative. I hope that, in turn, makes Stephen feel more creative
    and appreciated, which feeds back to the ensemble’s motivation. I guess that makes it a roundabout instead of a two-way street?
  • I had pretty much given up before Stephen came on board.
  • SPB has broadened my horizons to appreciate genres I have often neglected.
  • I have an increased appreciation for everything written on the page: it’s there for a reason.
  • I like that we reach out to others to also enjoy live music, and want more.
  • I’ve learned to appreciate the value of live music and the effort needed to produce it.
  • I’d rarely thought of how few people relative to a local community actually attend live music performances.

If you know nothing about me

Then here is a little introduction:

A two-time Global Music Awards Winner, Stephen P Brown is a British-American Conductor-Composer bringing good music to life by performing on four continents for over 35 years. He has been named one of the most engaging conductors of our modern age and is a recipient of the Ricordi Conducting Prize and winner of the Alan J Kirby Choral Conducting Prize. He has appeared in multiple media including ABC, the BBC and NBC, speaks to tomorrow’s leaders about being inspiring and effective, and conducts orchestras, choirs, concert bands and musical theater.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to know MORE about me…

Check out my biography page.

In the meantime, let’s bring good music to life and GO TO A CONCERT!