These articles represent one of the most popular topics according to my online readers who completed the Annual Reader Survey 2014. They help you develop your leadership skills and grow your perspective as a leader, something that conductors have been doing for some 400 years. These techniques work, and when ego and politics get benched they become very effective!

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  • Everybody Needs Everybody What’s the motivation? Because when every individual is doing the best they possible can, then the ensemble as a whole is inevitably going to be an awesome thing!
  • Is it a pipe dream to want to be The Best? Becoming “The Best” is a temporary illusion that means someone judges you better than the person next to you. At least today until someone else comes along who is 10% better.
  • Forgive them, for they know not. “Professional Politicians” – those who have done nothing else in life – can no longer tell the difference between the manipulative games they play, and the real world.
  • Decisions you regret oopsWe can only make the wisest, safest and most sensible decisions – perhaps with a little risk thrown in as well otherwise we’d never accomplish anything – with the information we have at any one moment in time.
  • Clemente on Making Things Better For Others If you have an opportunity to accomplish something that will make things better for someone coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.
  • Robinson – be original If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.
  • How to lead by celebrating humility and the classics Leadership: Study the classicsToday we explore three articles that help us define good and strong leadership, including why it is worth celebrating, as well as some solid advice to those starting out as leaders. But we begin with one of the most counter-cultural aspects of successful leaders that people generally do not like to talk about, or even ...
  • Why Share Your Valuable Creative Process Right Now? Creativity Sir Ken RobinsonProbably the best way to keep people engaged in your art form and looking forward to experiencing it live, is to share the process you go through to create it. Whether it is practicing a piece of music (see video below), layering a painting, or preparing a speech…
  • 5 secrets to more rewarding musical collaborations Probably the most rewarding aspect of anything artistic is eyes & ears, a.k.a. The audience. Even if you do create something stunning there seems to be little closure until it is shared with someone. Here are 5 secrets to maximize your reward.
  • This makes me so angry Opera audiences in the ROTW are not declining as they are in the USAMy response: Highly educated in WHAT? For decades we have been drilling the arts OUT of education, out of people’s lives, and removing exposure… Does this make you angry? Or do you think I’m over-reacting?
  • Harness your passion Stephen P Brown helps emerging and amateur musicians keep their balanceBalancing the need to survive with our desires to participate in music is how I help, and clearly the most pressing elements include… Is there a specific issue you struggle with? What are some of the ways you overcome it?
  • Why “Go To A Concert?” Stephen P Brown with the Dunedin Concert BandWhy do 20,000 online bloggers meet for an in-person conference? What’s the difference between a smiling face and a video of someone smiling? It’s the same with music but on a deeper and more human level.
  • Leadership in the Western World Regardless of what any leader says, as long as “I’m” OK, then things are fine. Something that MBAs COMPLETELY forget to teach (possibly on purpose) is that leaders should be facilitators.