These articles respond to the top concern of my online readers according to the the Annual Readers’ Survey 2015. They help you balance your activities across each area of your life in a no-nonsense, practical, and action-oriented manner.

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  • Which do you choose: Bed Bugs or Butterflies? My wife and I recently stopped over in NYC for a few days, one of our favorite places to visit for… well, oh so very many reasons. One thing I find annoying about visiting major metropoles, though, is how much effort it takes to choose how to look at things. Perspective is everything, as we know. And realizing ...
  • Living the dream! Really? Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan, Are you living the dream? We all are. But be careful about those who claim to be. Because they’re not. All they’re doing is trying to convince themselves that what they’ve achieved in life so far is fine, it’s wonderful, it’s all they need in life, life is great! But it’s a facade. They have not achieved the life-plans ...
  • Looking for inspiration? Meet Ray Last year alone Ray lost 53 pounds and paid off $400k in consumer debt. Intention is great. But it only gets you so far…
  • Which camp are you in? Let me share with you the best life measurement tool out there: Michael Hyatt’s LifeScore Assessment™
  • Being, Relating and Doing Lifescore AssessmentRather than the trendy, lazy annual New Year resolutions of “diet, exercise, earn more,” etc., what if there was a better way to being, relating to others, and doing life?
  • For real: you are about to lose internet access Net neutrality is in danger of disappearing. An open Internet is important for fans of #classicalmusic because it is important for everyone.
  • Is it a pipe dream to want to be The Best? Becoming “The Best” is a temporary illusion that means someone judges you better than the person next to you. At least today until someone else comes along who is 10% better.
  • 4 distractions that spoil your concert experience Kittens master the art of watching vs. looking pretty early on.Noosance behaviors like these are distracting and do not support the communication of emotions. In fact, they utterly spoil your concert experience. Ignore them.
  • How is a society’s quality of life actually reflected? The advancement of technology in our world has been so rapid we still haven’t figured out how to incorporate it into living. Not really.
  • You cannot fake Energy When you read fiction, the story is in your mind – the words are only reference. When you listen to a recording, the music is in your heart – the recording is only reference.
  • A reliable source of arguments …about music itself, the arts, education, creativity, leadership, sociology, psychology, technology, and so on. All these topics affect how we relate to classical music.
  • What dress shall I wear tonight? Don’t give a damn what anyone else is wearing – they dressed exactly how they wanted to, just like you did. THAT’S equality.
  • What’s in a title? Old Sheet MusicLiterally. What are all those odd numbers and abbreviations you see on posters and in programs? Sometimes it can get confusing looking at the title of a piece of classical music.
  • What fails to provoke drama, shouting and violent passion? Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan, In 2011, the same year Melissa and I moved to Florida, Julian Treasure gave an excellent TED Talk about the fact that humans are, in general, losing the ability to listen. He then gave 5 exercises individuals could/ should do to rectify that. In 1987, the same year I moved back to the UK ...
  • 3 ways we mislead ourselves Participating in the Arts as much as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and even Sports and all the other more materialistic and competitive stuff, helps us maintain a good balance in life.
  • Be careful what you worship you get what you pay forMy wife is in the event industry. Weddings, mostly. A fellow small business owner recently shared a story that made us both cringe, not just because of the what happened, but more the fact that there is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay area of Florida to worship either cheap or, and this would be much ...
  • St. Augustine on pride & humility It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.
  • Mandela on hate & love No one is born hating another person. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
  • Dyer on Ignorance The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.  
  • ARGH! Remarkable how accurately The Simpsons writers reflected our farcical realities.