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Some of the best advice to help you perform more, and better!

book_BoostYourConcertCareerNow_Cover160426aThe first part of this calendar year saw some extraordinary activity on my website. I wrote a bunch of articles about performing more, performing better, and generally what you need to do to be more effective in sharing live music with others.

It was one of the most thrilling online seasons I have experienced, with a LOT of very engaging emails from readers.

Thank you.

So you know what I decided to do?

I collated them into one little volume of Impact!

Well, this book is small and short, but packs a punch. Its made me rethink my approach to performing, and challenged my own expectations. This is a great introduction – I need more!Ashley Lucas
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Collectively, these articles form the basis of my coaching program “Boost Your Concert Career Now!” but expand the basics in a quick and easy to understand format. Coming to a coaching session armed with the information and advice in these articles means we can dive into doing more and exploring less! That means quicker and better results.

After decades of performing as an instrumentalist, singer, conductor (and composer), I have observed and experienced a ton of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sharing music with others. And if we are not about that, then why do we engage in music at all?

It is one of the most fundamental forms of human communication that simply cannot be put into words – hence why it is “music” – and denying others the opportunity to experience it for themselves, without intermediary machines such as loudspeakers, is just plain wrong.

As a musician yourself, how effective are you at sharing music with others? Could you perform better, relate better, choose more engaging music, perform in environments more suited to your personality? The list goes on.

Many of the answers you need but didn’t know you were supposed to be looking for are in this collection of articles.

And, what’s more, there is an electronic version as well as paperback!


And, if you email me your receipt, I will send you a copy of my new resource “5 Mistakes Most Classically Trained Musicians Make” for free! You won’t even have to sign up for my awesome weekly newsletters.

So, THANK YOU to the thousands (if not a million) performers and audience members who expanded my knowledge and experience over the past 35 years. You have all contributed to this collection of articles in some way, whether you know it or not!

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