Nostalgia ain’t all that bad. Or good.

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

I was reading some of what Solomon wrote and this caught my eye:

Do not say ‘Why were the old days better than these?’ For it is not wise to ask such questionsSolomon
Ecclesiastes 7:10

Nostalgia is always selective, whether the things we remember and dwell upon were positive experiences or negative ones. Usually we go for the positive: things that made us and make us feel good.

But we’re fooling ourselves.

It’s one thing to study the past and appreciate it, but it’s another to use the study of history as a dreamy way to escape from today’s challenges, issues, and work. History is important because it informs us and helps us make better decisions for a better tomorrow.

I can look back on my podcast’s four pilot episodes and dwell on how exciting it was to be in the studio again, and how good it felt to list all the links and photos in the show notes, but how does such dwelling help my team and I accomplish more than we ever thought possible?

It doesn’t.

It holds us back.

Instead, I appreciate those experiences and enjoy the way it made us and makes us feel.

But rather try to recreate those feelings again when we launch next year, it is far more beneficial to me, to you, and to the friends, colleagues and neighbors we talk to, to learn and improve and strive to make it the best possible podcast we can.

Today is the last day I’m asking for your feedback on those four pilot episodes.

Please do so now:

The survey closes on Saturday night, and I am very excited about including the ideas and observations of classical music fans just like you and me that have already been submitted. (Thank you!)

Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts,