Not enough concerts

Dear #classicalmusic fan

I don’t think there are enough concerts in the world.

I don’t think the classical music industry is setup to share live classical music with the world (the industry exists to make money).

And I certainly don’t think every single concert should consist of a full symphony orchestra and choir. Indeed, chamber music concerts can often be much more fun simply because of their intimacy with the audience!

Let’s begin listening more than just hearing, and watching more than just looking or seeing.

And, most importantly, let’s expand who we share live music with, and how often.

Whether you are a performer or audience member, you are a Fan: You appreciate there is more to music than just the music itself. You understand it is a momentary experience and a method for humans to communicate and process emotions in ways that words are simply unable to.

You recognize the only way to approach classical music is, in fact, to…

Go to a concert.


If you would like to experience one of my own concerts, specifically, check out when I have some public appearances. As the weather cools down for folk in the Northern Hemisphere, perhaps a quick trip to Florida isn’t out of the question! I’d love to see you.

Here are some upcoming concerts I’m involved with: