#PsalmQuest 20 – Distracted Devotions (WQ3)


Stephen P Brown composes a #PsalmQuest piece about being distractedOh could I ever relate to this #PsalmQuest challenge!

Apparently, Psalm 5 is a morning prayer.

But the poor chap just can’t concentrate!

Much like me this morning: I sat down an hour ago to write a #PsalmQuest post and instead checked an email, followed a link to an article, saw a ‘related posts’ item I liked the look of and have since been watching videos of this year’s April Fools jokes.


(Only two of ten or so videos I watched were actually funny. Such as this “kissing dad” excerpt: http://youtu.be/0YUbYohGMOg?t=2m4s )

Still, here I am “focused” again. Or as my Brit peers would write “focussed” again.

I still find the differences between the American and English languages quite interesting – did you see that other video about British accents? The first time I came into the USA in 1984 part of my training included the trivial fact that there are more accents and dialects in the UK than there are in all of the United States. Remarkable seeing that England itself is about the same geographical size as Alabama – the USA’s 28th (out of 50) smallest State!

See what happened there again? I got distracted.

So I’m clearly the ideal person to compose a piece that reflects someone trying to accomplish a routine task but just can’t concentrate on it.

The Psalm starts with an instruction to the Music Director: For Flute. In my #PsalmQuest piece, the flute plays a significant part. Perhaps it is the distraction itself? Or perhaps it just reflects the flittering and flimsiness that our consciousness spurts forth exactly at the times we don’t want it to. Like now.

Enough rambling.

Here’s the 3½ minute #PsalmQuest piece:

And click here to get your copy of the sheet music (Free for a week!)

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