These articles respond to the third most important concern of my online readers according to the Annual Readers’ Survey 2015. They help you see through the egotistical and political clutter to deal directly with your frustrations head-on so that you remember why you are passionate about music and stay motivated when participating in it.

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  • Ashe – Start Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
  • Dress Code A different kind of dress codeA different kind of dress code
  • Are shrewd assumptions the best way forward? one way signOne person suggested they have made so many mistakes in life that they can’t identify one particularly obvious one to mention, and Jeffrey Biegel actually shared an “oops” mistake…
  • What miracle changes should a magic wand make? magic wandMarketability seems to be the clear driving force behind who becomes a celebrity, and that in turn has a strong influence on popularity-seeking decision-makers.
  • My new book! As a musician, how effective are you at sharing music with others? Could you perform better, relate better, choose more engaging music, perform in environments more suited to your personality? Answers you need but didn’t know you should look for.
  • How life rewards the committed professional Commitment causes contentment and happinessWhy choose to be committed to anything? What rewards and benefits do I get by committing to something? What happens if I over-commit myself? Will committing to something make me feel any better than I do now?
  • 4 staggering success beliefs you should choose right now Adopt these four mantras and you will definitely begin seeing ‘success’ as you have defined it much sooner than you ever thought possible.
  • What one frustrating barrier do you need to overcome? Where's that book?What is that one obstacle you must overcome first in order to complete today’s task and propel you towards you dream? 3 tactics that will propel you towards your dream.
  • The two greatest decisions you love to ignore You thought your lifestyle was an outcome, a result of your upbringing, or perhaps just chance. But it is actually a result of the decisions you made along the way.
  • Results of my Annual Readers’ Survey 2015 THANK YOU. For reading this post, and For completing my Annual Readers’ Survey earlier this month (if you did!). The analysis is complete and it is fascinating! Here is a brief summary: According to my Annual Reader Survey 2015, most of my readers are Christian men aged 25-39 years old who live in the USA, about half of whom have a Masters ...
  • 20 ways to conquer the world with a behind-the-scenes coach #StayMotivated with a coachWhat do Steve Jobs, Jodie Foster and Daniel LaRusso have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all related to the movies. However, there is a far more important connection they all share…
  • 9 Daring Ways to Assault Negativity and #StayMotivated Autumn Fall Colorful #StayMotivatedToday we explore three articles that help us face negativity and stay motivated through difficult and trying times. The College Board has advice for all of us, not just students, and the motivational guru Zig Ziglar shares one of the most important actions we can take to improve our lives and get ourselves back on ...
  • 10 Things You Need to Drop to Stay Motivated Writing things down may help you stay motivatedThree articles that help us stay motivated, including seven techniques that are so important they appear in articles in both Forbes and Inc!
  • Withhold no more your unparalleled true colors Suits and SocksWhen society let managers and agents become the top-of-the-pyramid decision makers of art, the Western World lost its grip on cultural reality. Do you think the Corporate standardization of classical music has hurt or helped society at large?
  • Being an “Amateur” is not an excuse lazy geekRecently I have come across a number of performers who hide behind their amateur status. It’s annoying and inappropriate, so stop it! What do I mean? First, let’s identify the differences between being and amateur and being a professional: AMATEUR,PROFESSIONAL,Source Work when motivated,Motivated to work,James Clear Generally not paid,Generally paid,US Legal Gets upset and assumes the worst,Remains level-headed and optimistic,Creativity ...
  • Why Share Your Valuable Creative Process Right Now? Creativity Sir Ken RobinsonProbably the best way to keep people engaged in your art form and looking forward to experiencing it live, is to share the process you go through to create it. Whether it is practicing a piece of music (see video below), layering a painting, or preparing a speech…
  • What is the most fundamental purpose of awesome music? Music is the most fundamental form of communication that connects us to our emotionsAs performers are perhaps the most closely intimate with live music, it surely makes sense that is it up to them. They are the masters of music and therefore are the ones responsible for passing on their trade secrets to others.
  • How to make classical music concerts awesome again Cello and Violin sharing music at homeIn his TED talk Ben Zander suggests that everyone DOES love classical music concerts, but that the music is not the problem. The way it is presented and shared could be the problem. You can change that right now. Take ownership of live music and share it.
  • Do you remember when? Applause does make us feel good, and it is the easiest way for audiences to let us know they liked what we did for them. There are lots of people around us who say they don’t perform… Keep calm and take the next step.
  • This makes me so angry Opera audiences in the ROTW are not declining as they are in the USAMy response: Highly educated in WHAT? For decades we have been drilling the arts OUT of education, out of people’s lives, and removing exposure… Does this make you angry? Or do you think I’m over-reacting?