Stephen’s Classical Rate N Slate

Hear what British American Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown has to say about classical music, and why you should find a local performance to attend. You might agree with his rating and slating!

Titles are listed below according to composer last name and composition

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Stephen's Classical Rate N Slate


AshleyAlleva2016“As a musician, I am always looking for ways to enhance my knowledge. Stephen’s Classical Rate N Slate is a great way to do just that! In 2 minutes, I get a professional opinion on certain pieces of music that I may not have heard before. The information is clear and concise. It draws me in to make me want to listen to those pieces for myself (which I do)! What a quick and brilliant way to draw the listener in! Looking forward making Stephen’s Classical Rate N Slate a regular part of my listening pleasure! I highly recommend!” Ashley

‘Love your mini podcasts’ James

Tom Doddridge“Stephen, your comments are certainly on point! It is so interesting to hear your comments about classical pieces. I have enjoyed listening to all types of classical music for over 60 years, and have never given much thought to the composers and the music itself. Refreshing to hear your thoughts about this wonderful, widely varied world of classical tunes. Keep up the good work!” Tom

“Thank you, Stephen, for the clear, concise reviews of these beautiful and rich pieces. They have inspired me to look up the pieces and listen to them in more depth than I would have otherwise. (And to be honest, it has drawn me to several pieces that I probably would not have otherwise chosen to listen to at all!) I enjoy the background information you give, both on the composer and on the piece itself, and I have learned something new with each one of your reviews. Your Classical Rate N Slate is a brilliant feature – it’s like listening to classical music with my own personal guide. Love it! Keep them coming!” Lianne