Annual Reader Survey 2014 – Summary

Stephen P Brown's Annual Reader Survey 2014

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I am so very, very, VERY grateful that my cloud server deletion occurred just after my Annual Reader Survey, which I outsourced!

The results and my analysis were not lost and I can share them with you now, a little earlier than anticipated (because it’s so exciting!)

This is the first year I invited participation from everyone interested in what I have to share, and the results are fascinating.

You can expect a few changes in the focus of this website (as it is rebuilt) and how I intend to help others improve their lives… including you.

So, thank you for participating, if you did.

If you didn’t you’ll get your chance next year and I really hope you do – every voice contributes to the outcome.

Oh, Walt Wellborn near Dallas, Texas USA was selected at random to receive a thank you gift for completing the survey: a gift card to a nearby professional orchestra.

Below is an overview summary, but click here to get a detailed analysis. (Although I encourage you to sign up for an Evernote account, it is not required to view the analysis)

Annual Reader Survey 2014 – Summary

In one paragraph:

According to my Annual Reader Survey 2014, most of my readers are Christians over 55 years old who live in the USA and Australia, about half of whom have a Masters degree and who hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Their biggest challenges are balancing a dayjob and/or family with their passion for music, and not enough time. Most want to know how to stay motivated and desire clarity on how to share live music with others. Of particular interest are articles about Education, Concert Production, Leadership and my #PsalmQuest.

Invitations were sent to 14,744 email newsletter subscribers, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook followers.


  • An almost equal number of male (49%) and female (51%) readers completed the survey.
  • Most readers are in the USA, and I have just as many readers in Australia as I do in the UK, Canada and Romania combined.
  • The biggest challenge readers face is balancing a dayjob and/or family with performing (#LifeBalance), with not enough time to do what they want close behind (#TimeBalance).
  • Most readers are interested in methods to stay motivated (#Motivation) and keep from being discouraged, or they desire clarity on how to share their passion with the world (#ShareMyPassion).


  • 1/3 of survey respondents have been reading my blog articles for less than a year, and 2% have been reading them for over five years (I started my blog in 2007).
  • 65% of readers have shared my articles on social media or forwarded via email to someone they think will appreciate it.
  • Readers like my sense of humor, insight, opinions, integrity, and perspective.
  • Attributes such as clarity, enthusiasm, and encouragement are very much appreciated.
  • My most favorite response is this one: “I like that you are so dynamic, always challenging and pushing yourself, and using your self-motivation to encourage and inspire other people.”

Article topics in order of popularity:

  • Education
  • Concert Production
  • Leadership
  • #PsalmQuest
  • Performance Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Logistics


  • 43% of survey respondents have been receiving my email newsletters for less than a year, and 3% for over 5 years.
  • 58% of respondents have forwarded my email newsletters to others
  • Most respondents follow me on LinkedIn or via my Facebook Page.
  • Only 15% of respondents follow me on Twitter.


Each week, most survey respondents spend their social media time on Facebook, with LinkedIn second and Youtube third.


  • 85% of survey respondents associate their faith-system with Christianity or Catholicism, with 5% declaring Universalism (second most popular choice).
  • 52% attend faith-system meetings at least weekly.
  • 64% of respondents’ faith-systems determine major decision-making.
  • 88% of survey respondents believe humans choose how they behave.
  • 78% believe humans choose what they think about, with 5% of respondents admitting to not really thinking about it 🙂



My professional life’s focus will shift slightly throughout 2015, with even more emphasis on helping people stay motivated about live music and how they can best share it with others – neither of which are new to me, but clearly it’s what people need and want more of. I will continue with my #PsalmQuest and grow my in-person stage presence (both performing and speaking), and develop online programs with mastermind groups and video content. There may even be a trip to Australia in the mid-term future, which will be my fifth continent!

Again, thank you for participating, and thank you for your desire to share live music with others. It is vital that our communities retain a passion for that most fundamental forms of human expression, and I am so glad we are a part of each other’s journey to help build better societies through live music.