These articles respond to the second most important concern of my online readers according to the Annual Reader Survey 2014. They help you manage your time so you can accomplish small and great things (whichever your heart desires) whilst simultaneously surviving in a distracted, instant, and overly-regulated world.

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  • The fastest way to fail with your goals (And more…) Learn to identify the mistakes so you don’t commit them. It’s a sure way to make 2018 different than all the years before it.
  • Has this been your best year ever? If you want to achieve anything this program will help. It’s not for everyone, but it just might be perfect for you at this time of your life.
  • Know thy consequences Staying on the beach too long in the rain meant that everyone suffered for days afterwards, and in my opinion, unnecessarily.
  • Maxwell – Time Management Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.
  • Do you know how to kick-start your dreams? Goal Dream TaskTaking just one little step every day towards either your goal or your driving motivation (a.k.a. dream) will provide you with very surprising results: actual…
  • 7 quick ways to embrace delightful simplicity Wall Storage Tidy SimplicityAs musicians juggling multiple poles within spinning plates on them, we can often be blinded by our busyness. So why should and how can musicians stuck in the “First World” keep life simple?
  • Turn off Facebook Video Auto-Play Facebook now auto-plays every video in your timeline. That includes a hidden background file to silence the audio. It is annoying enough on desktops, but all the while your Facebook app is open on your mobile device, this feature is draining significant battery power as well. Save yourself lots of time searching for a solution. Here it is: From your ...
  • 5 terrific exercises to conquer time and energy Today we explore three articles that will help us conquer our time and energy management. In fact, one of the articles says would should focus on managing our unlimited energy resources more than our limited time resources! We also look at what one CEO of five companies recommends we focus on, but we start with ...
  • 10+ Simple Ways to Avoid Wasting Time Keeping an eye on Time ManagementWe look at three articles that explore time management techniques, including a secret from Greg McKeown, 10 tips Entrepreneur magazine, and sage advice from Belinda Gadd.
  • Time, Location, Bewilderment What barriers are there to enjoying live classical music?Over the past couple of weeks one of my projects has been soliciting from folk in various stages of life what interferes with their enjoyment of live classical music. The fourth most popular response was that there are no barriers to their enjoying live classical music.
  • How to save your audience a mammoth time commitment Save your audience a mammoth amount of timeDo your audiences a favor and avoid hogging their time – they WILL appreciate it. If folk want to hang around afterwards, that is their prerogative, but be wary and conscious of what kind of payment you are expecting from them.
  • It’s easy to be Smarter piano trophyAfter the rehearsal and before the performance we walked to a nearby eatery and Geoff opened up about his problem. He had heard that making goals was important but never really subscribed to it. I asked if he had…
  • Harness your passion Stephen P Brown helps emerging and amateur musicians keep their balanceBalancing the need to survive with our desires to participate in music is how I help, and clearly the most pressing elements include… Is there a specific issue you struggle with? What are some of the ways you overcome it?