True hotshots dive a lot deeper

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

For the past three months (12 weeks to be exact), I’ve written to you 55 times.

That’s a lot of writing!

But, you seem to appreciate it.

I know others do, too, because of the email responses I’ve been getting.

Open discussion is probably the easiest and most effective way we can bring good music back into people’s lives again (once our societal decision-makers hear so much about classical music, they will begin to consider it as they make their decisions), and I have loved reading the thoughts and comments you and other classical music fans have been sending me. Sometimes there have even been some rather intense discussions!

Which I enjoy.

As long as you feel inspired to continue these discussions with your own local circles of influence, then I’ve done my job. And you will soon see yourself accomplishing far more than you ever thought possible as a result.

Well, I figured that with all those letters there must be a lot of really good content I’ve shared with you, and I was right! I looked through all the responses I’ve received and identified those points that are near and dear to you as well as me, and decided to pursue things a little deeper for those who want to embark on a Performer-focused journey with me.

Don’t panic!

My daily letters to you will remain just as light, jovial, poking, thought-inspiring, conversation-starting as usual.

But if you would like to dive deeper, then let’s do that.

I’m working on the logistics right now, but here’s a starter for you: The first evuh issue of “Concert Hotshots.”

Download it here.


It’s packed with wonderful material, much of which will seem familiar to you. I actually took my most engaging and favorite letters from the past three months and compiled them into one resource you can keep for ever.

I suggest you don’t share it around, though – It’s going to become a resource to entice other fans of classical music to sign up for my daily letters. If you give this document away now, they’ll never have the opportunity to dive deeply into what makes concerts tick. You’ll be denying them the chance to become a Concert Hotshot themselves.

And that won’t be fair.

So, go ahead and read issue 001 for yourself now as I work out the technology to let you in the Concert Hotshot club, if you so desire.

Download your copy here: