Vision Mission Values

British American Conductor Composer Maestro Stephen P Brown on tour in Romania 1987

SPB on tour in Romania, 1987

What do you do?

I bring good music to life in order that together we can improve the societies we choose to live in. I do this by helping Performers accomplish more than they thought possible, and helping Audiences connect with music that speaks to our fundamental humanness.


I have been called a “deeply adventurous and creative impresario” and often use classical music to help extraordinary and active people find fulfillment, and provide practical ways to overcome the decline of society’s value of live art forms. Whether through concerts, radio, workshops, projects or performer coaching, we work together to encourage everyone in our circles of influence to actively participate in live music as performers and listeners.

I believe in being honest and rooted in integrity, providing fair treatment, being well organized and worthy of your trust, demonstrating creativity and a caring attitude, being committed and loyal, and being so consistently.


By the end of my productive life, I see

  • as many classical music concerts as other genres (rock, pop, singer/songwriter, etc.) in all sorts of venues, and all filled to capacity.
  • people from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds talking to each other about their experiences with live music everyday.


  • To help you inspire the world.



Everyone is positively affected by live classical music. In the US, we seem to have forgotten how and why. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Orchestra)

  • Show bold integrity.
  • Slow down (quality before quantity).
  • Find space.
  • Do the scary thing.
  • Do the opposite to what is popular.
  • Work with World Class Top Performers. Always.
  • Amaze the tribe.
  • Yes or No. Never ‘later’ or ‘possibly’
  • Grow your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.
  • Reveal the real you and hold nothing back. Not even tears.
  • Laugh a lot: choose the funny perspective.
  • Contribute to something greater. Bigger. No, even bigger than that.


Any projects I choose to get involved with must be founded on the principle of


and answer these questions:

  • What will it take for a customer to be HAPPY to pay the full fair price?
  • What will it take for a customer to WANT to come back more often?
  • What will it take for a customer to TELL OTHERS about the project?

These are high bars. If your project, event or training need meets them, let’s talk. If you want your project to meet them, let’s talk!