What I did to change my life for the better

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

I’ve always been good at good intentions.

And for donkeys ears years I’ve turned many of them into aspirational goals and resolutions.

But rarely did they ever pan out.

A couple of years ago I realized my life needed some really focused and intentional “working on”  but I wasn’t sure quite where to start and what to prioritize. So much could be done to make my life better, but what should be done to make my life better?

I had to make a decision.

Thankfully I was already familiar with Michael Hyatt’s “Lifescore Assessment” and Best Year Ever goal setting programs.

Again, I took the test and decided that it was pointless trying to work on my physical health, finances and career if I didn’t first establish a solid set of building blocks to base my decision-making paradigm on. What’s the point in having great stuff if my boundaries could change at whim?

So, for the past two years I focused on improving the spiritual, marital and social domains in my life.

Not easy for an introvert!

But, I’m so happy to have succeeded.

How do I know?

I took this year’s Lifescore Assessment and BAM! Improvements all round in those specific domains.

Plus, I feel better.

Am I done? Far from it. And often maintaining something can be harder than attaining it, so there is still work to be done in those domains, but by-and-large I am very happy with how my life has changed to-date, thanks to focusing my efforts in those areas. My wife seems happier, too 😉

What does that mean now?

Well, I get to choose a couple more life domains to work on.

This year’s assessment suggests my financial, physical, intellectual and emotional domains could do with some bolstering, so I’ll pick two or three of those and shift my focus towards them.

What will you focus on in 2018?

Are you sure?

Try taking Hyatt’s totally free (OK, it’ll cost you an email address) Lifescore Assessment.

It’s SO worth it!

You might be firmly grounded in your relationships and finances, and need to work on your vocation or parental domains. Or you might be surprised by what’s going well and what isn’t.

In any event, no harm is done by taking this test – the only outcome it can have will benefit you and those you love, even if you do nothing about it afterwards.

Take Michael Hyatt’s free Lifescore Assessment now.

(You know how much I recommend other people’s stuff, so take this seriously – it’s helped me accomplish far more in life than I ever thought possible, and I’m pretty darn sure it’ll help you, too.)