What kind of choral music do you like?

So, composition #3 is complete – a piece for solo piano. It is most charming and my wife Melissa loves it. I’ll publish it next week as there are some administrative details to wrap up first.

Composition #4 is already underway and called “Wind Quintet 2” (how imaginative is that?), and I was thinking about where composition #5 might take us on our journey: I’d like to do a piece for unaccompanied (“a cappella”) choir but am undecided whether to write for soprano, alto and baritone voices, or the more traditional soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

But my biggest quandary is the style. Can you help me?

Princeton Community Chorus Jersey Transit

Princeton-based “Jersey Transit” is an “a cappella” vocal choir

The vocal piece will be based on psalm 130, a Pilgrim Song, and is basically the sorrowful author’s crying out to God for mercy, but s/he uses the prayer as an example for others to keep hold of hope for themselves.

What do you think?


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One thought on “What kind of choral music do you like?

  1. Though I am not sure where madrigal falls, that is my favorite unaccompanied vocal music. It is so wonderfully complex that one does not miss the other instruments. My three favorite groups are The Nylons, Rockapella and Manhattan Transfer. Not sure if any of these sing madrigal, but they should great all alone without any other instruments. So maybe it is not a case of a composer type, but rather a performance type.

    BTW Please do not force me to sign in with a social networking site. I value my control of ,my privacy and the use of my contributions. Karena Andrusyshyn

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