What’s more valuable than doing?

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

We have become so busy and our children so programmed that we are missing out on life.



The sheer quantity of activities we do removes any possibility of actually enjoying/ engaging with/ diving deeply into any one particular moment. That’s the part the life is all about, in those little moments when we pause and bask in the warm radiance of an experience.

But we’re too busy to do that anymore.

And that’s exactly the ‘more’ part of music: There’s more to music than music. When we allow… perhaps even force ourselves to take a moment and “let go” then we allow the music we listen to to actually speak to us in its own language, the language of emotions that words cannot express.

I was thrilled when I saw Valeria Maltoni write an article called “Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There” because I thought “YES!” Someone else gets it and is saying it. So I shared the article with my wife, who giggled.


Because that title is actually a Lewis Carroll quote from The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (My wife is an expert on Carroll and all those psychofantasy novels of post-romantic literature).

Well, my excitement was dashed not so much because it’s not an original idea, but because it’s clearly an issue us Western World folk have been facing for over 150 years.

We’re too busy to live life.

We cling to the opposite mantra that encourages us to not just stand there, but do something.

Nike loves it: Just do it.

Which is SO TRUE!

But not all the time.

Take a moment to acknowledge and absorb what it is you just did, or what just happened.

Moments are the jewels of our lives.

Don’t make yourself so busy that you don’t see the color in the sparkles.

(And don’t be so absorbed by the sparkles themselves that you miss their effect on the world).


One way to do that is appreciate good music.

And you can get some right here:

My award winning Wind Quintet 1.

Download a copy today, and spend 15 minutes dwelling in a rich swirl of emotions from bustling village life to silence to clockwork and finally a party.