When a strategy has run its course.

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

We are all into Sales.

Our potential customers could be faceless audiences, relatives, life-long fans, or a high school Principal, but ultimately we all have to sell someone on something.

Usually the value of what we have to offer the world…

Even if that’s just an opinion!

There are many ways to sell to folk, and since we first open our eyes, scream our first little scream, and smile our first little cute eye-twinkling smile, we adapt and try alternative means to get what we want.

Sometimes those sales strategies stay with us for life. Other times we try something just once, and once is enough for us to know never to do that again!

I have tried several specific sales strategies over the past ten years or so to help me share live classical music with the world and encourage folk to share it with their circles of influence, too.


But, none of these strategies produced significant sales – enough for me to provide for my family.

This latest strategy of daily letters has produced some sales, but not enough to warrant the planning, development, implementation and follow-up, I’m afraid.

I’ve given this strategy more than four months to settle into its groove, and have written 105 value-packed letters to you. (106 including this one!) I have successfully sold coaching, affiliate products (Michael Hyatts’ goal-setting Best Year Ever program), recordings and sheet music. But in not enough quantities to write to mom about.

I increased my email list sign-up rate by 3%, and lost 8% of my subscribers – a lot less than I was expecting and is normal, apparently.

Anyway, there have been no new email sign-ups for ten days now, and no sales within the past eight days.

I could blame the holidays, but my coaches in this strategy suggest that’s not usually a factor. In fact, sales usually increase over the holidays for the majority of this strategy’s implementers.

To me, it seems this strategy has gotten tired.

It’s run its course.

It’s exhausted its possibilities with my fans and those I could potentially be helping, and with complete transparency and openness I am sharing with you that I will no longer be writing to you every weekday.

(Think about it: 105 letters! That’s a lot of content to produce and give away for free!!)

Thanks for all your comments, replies, purchases and engagement.

Every single email from you that came into my inbox was validation and precious to me.

It has truly been a fun four months – a fair trial run, I’d say, but without sufficient results.

I’m already working on an upgraded version of a strategy I tried in the past, but with different mentors and coaches. So far, they are insisting that everything needed is in place before I launch… and that can only be good for me, my family, and the world!

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

Keep an eye out for what happens next.

In the meantime…