When face-palmage occurred

Dear #classicalmusic fan,

Apparently someone face-palmed themselves the other day whilst reading one of my letters.

Then they told me it was because my letter was absolutely intriguing and funny and engaging and drew some serious thinking from them, until I related the topic being explored to the way we approach classical music.

That’s when face-palmage occurred.



“You always have to bring up classical music!” they said.

I don’t understand that response.

As you know, my focus is bringing good music to life and my mission is to help you inspire the world.

So why would I not bring up classical music and relate everything I share with you to it?

  • If you go to a burger joint, you expect to be fed.
  • If you go to the dentist, you expect your mouth to be inspected.
  • If you register for online school, you expect to be taught something.
  • If you read my letters, you should expect them to be about classical music!

Otherwise, it’s like registering for a webinar from Cambridge University about industrializing microbiomics and expecting the oil in your car to get changed while you watch…

It doesn’t make any sense.

So, please do go ahead and enjoy these conversation-starters, and rather than be surprised that classical music gets mentioned, you could choose to actually look forward to seeing how I relate the topic to classical music!

Like this:

You may actually experience a few face-palming moments when you watch my videos “What’s the Matter with Classical Music?

Actually, many of the questions people have about classical music today are quite profound, deep and interesting, but some are just plain and simply lacking in any common sense. But I still answer them with integrity, thoughtfulness, and no matter how scary or controversial. (You may notice these are qualities very closely related to my values listed at the link above!) (But then again, you may not.)

Regardless, knowing what’s on the mind of other fans of classical music these days and exploring one possible expert response (my response), should be an essential part of your life journey.

Especially if you are a fan of classical music.

Which you must be, if you’re reading my letters!

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