Nice to meet you!

Stephen P Brown arrives at the Gershwin Theater on New York City's BroadwayClearly we bumped into each other and wanted to share some contact info – I am so glad you made it to my central hub of activity! Here are some useful pointers:

  1. Download my free Concert Hotshots bulletin: 21​ ​Ways​ ​To​ ​Start​ ​A Classical​ ​Music​ ​​Renovation (use form below).
  2. If you are a performer, get career clarity with my Destination:Lifestyle™ training.
  3. I am the Head Spark Plug (i.e. Founder, President & Lead Coach) at the Concert University: career coaching for freelance classical musicians.
  4. I earn my living as a Conductor with the Richey Community Orchestra & Chorus and the Dunedin Concert Band.
  5. I am also the General Director of the Dunedin Music Society: connecting local communities with live music.
  6. My composition focus right now is on my #PsalmQuest: composing 150 pieces of music each influenced by each of the Psalms.
  7. Finally, you can find out more about me, connect on Facebook or Twitter, or even send me a note 🙂

Hope our paths cross again very soon,

Conductor Composer Maestro Stephen P Brown