Mirror 2

British American Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown - Mirror 2 for solo harp

“Mirror 2” for solo harp is the tenth composition in a massive 7 year composition quest to write 150 new pieces of music by my 50th birthday.

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It is based on Psalm 38, and is structured in a similar way:

  • A – Prayer for reconciliation
  • B – Pain of Anguish
  • C – Prayer for vindication
  • B – Pain of injustice
  • A – Prayer for reconciliation

Notice how the structure mirrors itself – ABCBA, hence the title. It’s not a new musical Form or official way to construct a piece of music such as Sonata or Rondo, but I’m treating as such. Why not? I’m sure I’m not the first.

George Algozzina likes Mirror 2 by Stephen P Brown“It was wonderful to experience an entire day’s worth of feelings and emotions through one beautiful musical composition. I do not know the emotional reaches or spiritual intentions you have for your piece, but it took me from an ominous (almost hopeless) place…to one of acceptance…and then to one of self-awakening and almost hopefulness.”

– George Algozzina


  • 5.5 minutes
  • Unaccompanied harp
  • Review feedback: “Beautifully haunting”




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