#PsalmQuest 001 – Energy, Strength, Joy & Light

For Soprano, Violin & Viola (Draft)

A draft of the very first composition in my #PsalmQuest (from 2013), “Energy, Strength, Joy & Light” is based on Psalm 19.

  • 5.5 minutes
  • Both text and scat
  • Great for undergrad recitals

Video (MIDI rendition)

Want the sheet music for free?
Add some constructive composition feedback in the comments below (this is a draft, after all!), and I’ll send it to you.

Program Note

“Energy, Strength, Joy & Light” is based on Psalm 19, and contains characteristics of the poem’s descriptive text. This piece’s structure (12c3c4cc)  includes four verses interspersed and ending with a chorus based on the prayer at the end of the psalm. The soprano part includes both text and scat/ improvised sounds. Visit www.StephenPBrown.com for other #PsalmQuest compositions.