Deficiencies in the Education & Business Side of Performing

One of my favorite podcasts to be a guest on is “Operation Opera,” and it’s great for both singers AND instrumentalists!

We talk openly and honestly about why anyone should care about a 400 year old art form, but also the pitfalls and ways to navigate our way inside its industry (or outside of it) as performers.

This was a particularly fun and thought-provoking episode.

I even warn performers about a big barrier to success: trying to make your career look like Hollywood wrote it!

Ep 31: Deficiencies in the Education & Business Side of Performing w/ Conductor Stephen P Brown

Follow this link to listen on Soundcloud

And be sure to let me or Alisa know in the comments which bits you like, and which you might still disagree with.

Looking forward to the discussions…

Music Done Differently

Music Done Differently

“Music is its own language – it doesn’t always need lyrics or amplifying.”

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