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You Don’t Have to Choose

Too many musicians are forced to choose between nurturing your relationships and cultivating your music.

But you shouldn’t have to choose between your home, work or hobby.
We believe in a different approach: “Don’t be fooled! There is no box.”

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Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown Classical Music

At The SPB International Agency, we understand the draw of music that our families and coworkers often neglect.

We’re here to help

  • Over 100 full-time professional musician careers transformed
  • Over 13,000 amateur musicians served during isolation
  • Winner of two Global Music Awards, Best Classical Musician, and Reverbnation’s #2 Classical Musician in the USA

“There’s more to music than music!”


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Here’s how we do it:


We have helped thousands of musicians on four continents and learn as much as we teach. We know what works and what doesn’t.


As a world-class conductor of both professional and amateur orchestras, bands, choirs and theater, Maestro Stephen P Brown has the proven expertise to help you accomplish far more than you ever thought possible.


We want you to experience the TRIPLE WIN for life, not just for the next concert.



Choose your path


Maestro Stephen P Brown Repertoire Workshops

Triple Win mastery for musicians seeking clarity. Listen in as Maestro Stephen P Brown shares invaluable insights. A few minutes three times a week and discussing with your fellow performers can reap untold rewards.

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Maestro Stephen P Brown Weekly Rapid Victory Lessons

Every Sunday evening we will send you insight into the Method, Mastery, Mettle or Multiply element of the Triple Win, helping you be a better performer. Includes a Rapid Victory lesson from Maestro Stephen P Brown.

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Maestro Stephen P Brown Concert University Coaching

Dive deep into the Triple Win with Maestro Stephen P Brown coaching you along the journey. Transform your concerts and succeed as a performer, nurture your audiences, and cultivate your community.

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Start with easy elimination

Stop scrambling for as many opportunities to perform as possible. Download our “8 steps to the Triple Win” guide to get better as a musician, so that you can find peace, empowerment, and personal growth.

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