How to stop losing money

The biggest expense in your performing career is the gigs you are not getting.

I know – it’s difficult to appreciate that sometimes.

We all get so focused on the bills and money flowing out of our bank accounts that it’s hard to focus on the money that’s NOT coming IN! Am I right? Of course.

But unless you learn to focus on the money you’re not making, you will probably struggle to reach a six figure income as a performing classical musician. 

And even struggle to hit lower goals than that, too.


It's hard to focus on the money not coming in.
We spend more time and energy focusing on what’s going out.
It’s hard to focus on the money not coming in.

The time you spend practicing your craft still feels right. It’s what you know to do, and you can do it well. What doesn’t feel real is the $1,000 gig that would have come your way had you spent a little of that practice time calling venues, or reaching out to your audience members.

Those actions don’t feel real to you, because they haven’t happened.

But, as the owner of your own performing career – and therefore business – you have to learn to ask yourself “Can I imagine?”

  • Can I imagine what life would be like if I booked three or even five $1,000 gigs a week?
  • Can I imagine what it would feel like to pick and choose which students I teach, i.e. just the advanced seniors preparing for college?
  • Can I imagine being surrounded and supported by a caring community instead of trying to make this work alone? 

You can’t see those gigs that slip through the cracks…but that is where the money is. That’s where your freedom is. That is where your impact is.

There are lives that need to be changed, and you can change them with your music. There are people who are suffering, struggling, and you could have helped them cope. But they didn’t find you, they didn’t attend one of your gigs, and now they are lost to live classical music.

Every time someone books a Breakthrough Session with the Concert University, I know their lives are on the line, their business is crumbling at best – probably non-existent, even. 

It’s the same with you and your gigs.

Every time you book a gig, you know there are people near that venue whose lives are devoid of live classical music. Someone’s life is on the line. Or their own business. Their marriage. So much of life gets in the way and if we can’t help them experience a little light through our music, then we’ve blown it… we’ve let them down. 

And every missed paid performance opportunity adds up to a lot of people sliding further and further away from classical music – that incredible form of communication, the language of emotions that helps our world become a much better place.

Imagine speaking to three venues this week but they all say ‘no thanks.’ That’s $3,000 lost… not to mention the impact you could have had on the hundreds of lives in those audiences. Those three missed gigs are your income goal – does that make sense?

All I did to go from broke and teaching in a classroom full-time to over six figures a year from performing, is to stop missing out on decently paid performance opportunities. 

That’s it!

But to capture those opportunities, you have to see them. And then you have to do what it takes to seize them, too. 

Otherwise, you might as well keep practicing for that elusive big break that’ll never come (remember: every overnight success takes about 20-30 years to happen) and constantly miss your income goals, your performing goals, and your impact goals. And it’s your audience members and the communities you operate in that will pay the price. 

But what happens when you start seeing AND seizing those extra opportunities? 

A few more gigs booked. 

A spike in the number of people you get to perform for.

And then, all of a sudden, your monthly income goal from performing seems remarkably within reach – you realize you’re going to hit it much sooner than you ever dreamed!

That’s why I want you on the inside of Concert University.

How many gigs did you miss this week? This month? Over the past 12 months?

If you had booked five or more gigs a week for the past year, what would that have been worth?

And what would be the lifetime value of those audiences that you could have owned a year ago?

Here’s the truth: If the answer to those questions is more than the investment for enrolling in Concert University, then it’s a very simple solution… you need to enroll!

The lifetime value of a loyal audience member
What’s the lifetime value of a loyal audience member?

My coaching program was designed from the ground up to help you avoid making the really obvious mistakes everyone still makes (that I made two and three decades ago), and it combines all the years of toil, trial and error that we see the majority of classical musicians making time and time again. We want you to see every performing opportunity you are currently missing so you can finally stop leaving money on the table and start being a winner at your career, not just your craft. 

AND, you get to do it surrounded by people who love you, support you, and want you to succeed. Most of all, people who understand you and your dream…even when everyone else around you doesn’t really get it.

If you’ve been stuck, leaving opportunities on the table, or not hitting your goals, Concert University will snap you out of it and get you back where you belong.

Book a 45-minute Breakthrough Session now, and find out if we can help you pick up some of those opportunities you’ve been leaving on the table every month:

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Registration closes when you close your mind to the urgency to overcome what’s still holding you back.

If you are like most classical musicians, you can delay no more. You can ‘think about it’ no more. It’s either time to get on with life as a performer, or you’ll continue juggling plates in a trendy but unsustainable portfolio career forever… nothing will change unless you decide to change your decisions and actions. 

Get on a call with us now so we can all make this world of ours a better place through live classical music.

The team and I look forward to seeing you on the inside…