Six free “lunches” for Classical Musicians

Who gets SIX free “lunches?”

You do.

Just for connecting with me.

As an experienced classical musician I’m pretty sure you are responsible, have many goals, are a good planner, a hard worker, a good listener, you respect contemporary music, are somewhat ego-less, and are constantly learning.

If you thought “Yes!” to all these qualities, I’d like to give you a free “lunch” (yes, they do exist).

GregsonP 008In fact, six weeks of free “lunches” if you are one of the first five classical musicians to sign up.

“Your dynamic thinking, openness, and creativity impresses me. Skills like that change the world for the better.” Alex

There are many times we second guess ourselves, or are just not sure about a career move, an interpretation, an audition, or a myriad of other problems. Usually we end up asking a lay person for advice or worse, try to figure things out ourselves. I have a handful of clients who no longer have that problem. I’m their coach.

Name one major sports star, business executive or performer who doesn’t have, or hasn’t recently engaged some sort of coach. And what do those coaches do? Life coaching. Not just topic-specific cheerleading, but whole-person decision-making support. That’s what I do for classical musicians from teenagers preparing for college auditions to professionals wondering what they will do upon retirement, and almost everything in between.

“Stephen is professional but very empathetic. He knows how to deal with people of varying capabilities with humor and skill.” Jane

My clients engage in one of several programs, including the Intense Anytime Email program or a monthly mastermind group teleseminar. But for you, as a special fellow online learner, I’d like to help you out for six weeks: just send me an email on the same day each week about a specific problem or issue you’re having difficulty with, and I’ll send you a reply with my thoughts based on my experience and knowledge of the music industry. It’s almost like we’re sitting down for a chat over lunch! Is that something that interests you? I hope so.

JudyKang JSO 100612 cropped

There are no strings attached.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, and I will ask if I can add you to a special mailing list that lets you know when I’ll be starting a new mastermind group. But you don’t even owe me that, and I won’t try to sell you. Of course you can continue with one of my tailor-made programs beyond the six weeks, and you even have my permission to share my web site with your colleagues – they’ll want to know the secret of your recent confidence-inspired success anyway, and to them you’ll be a true professional who refers them to an expert.

So, if you’d like to proceed, send me an email!

“I’ve got the most amazing coach in the whole world and he’s @Stephen_P_Brown ! Jealous, people?” Gabriela

Ask me whatever questions you like about this offer and when you’re ready to start, we’ll begin our six weeks of “lunchtime” coaching via email, completely free.

Don’t believe me?

Send me an email and ask if this is for real.

I can even put you in touch with one of my coaching students in Central America who will let you know exactly how genuine I’m being and how helpful I’ve been to her.20100121F

But I only have room for five people. Will you be one of them?

 “Stephen is very knowledgeable and very encouraging. He brings us the freedom to think on our own, to help us be spontaneous.” Judy