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More cowbell!

I’d forgotten you could groove on a triangle, too. Check out this video of possibly my first network TV appearance at 17 years old. Unloading trucks (nothing’s changed), very serious about performing (somewhat changed), and tapping my foot (totally changed!!!)

Thanks to Tommy Pearson for sharing on Facebook (BTW, my page was cancelled. Apparently my NOT talking politics was too much for them. And it looks like my profile has limited functioning, too).

Other performers of the Kent Youth Percussion Ensemble (or “On-sawm-Bluh” according to the presenter) included: Jim Carmichael, Julie Dyer, Anna Emeraud, Graham Mann, Tommy Pearson, and Jonathan Vincent. Sean Hooper was our director, and the Head of Kent Music School Michael Wearne (also one of my piano teachers) was helping dear old Bill unload the truck.

See if you catch the magic of TV in the Pink Panther playout…