Small Business Operations Audit

Small Business Operational Audit

It’s business, not personal!

And yet it is.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have a team to help, are your company’s TIME and MONEY being spent in the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE ways possible?

Not likely.

How do we know?

Because the vast majority of business leaders are amazing subject matter experts – that’s their craft and what they learned to do. It’s their passion, their focus, their calling.

But administration may not be.

So how do things usually get done?

  • If you react to a moment of inspiration;
  • you remember to ask someone;
  • a government official or one of your advisors gently reminds you;
  • a customer shares an ‘observation’ (complaint with love); or
  • you uncover a post-it note.


Here’s how a Small Business Operations Audit can help:

  1. It will articulate:
    1. Clarity – How well your activities and volunteers are aligned with your mission & statement of faith;
    2. Decisions – How much strategic, financial and ministry plans inform action;
    3. Structure – Who does what, where, when and how; and
    4. People – How confidently leaders celebrate collaboration and healthy conflict;
  2. And will:
    1. Identify operational quality and areas for improvement;
    2. Create a plan to implement essential adjustments; and
    3. Recommend next steps.

What is likely to happen as a result of an audit?

Based on our past experiences, you could save as much as $96,000 or more every year, over 10 hours a week of YOUR precious time, and volunteer burnout:

  • Productivity skyrockets! Tasks that often take a week, can take an hour;
  • Your business can save over $12,000 a year in unnecessary expenses;
  • Funds available for specific product marketing initiatives can increase $24,000 a year;
  • You can avoid as much as $60,000 in avoidable property repairs;
  • You can save 10 hours a week sifting through emails, texts, messages and notes; and
  • Your team avoids burnout, especially if they are the only person who does a specific task;

…to name but a few benefits.

A Small Business Operations Audit takes less than a month* and includes:

  • A 30-minute survey completed by six of your team:
    • You (the owner);
    • a professional contractor (your lawyer, accountant, etc.);
    • an administrator (virtual, part-time, or in-house);
    • a head of department or team leader;
    • your household partner; and
    • a trusted advisor;
  • 30-minute interviews with three of the survey takers:
    • You,
    • your administrator, and
    • one other;
  • A comprehensive report highlighting the good, the bad and the alarming;
  • A step-by-step plan of action that focuses on eliminating wasteful processes and reducing inconsistent practices;
  • The first three steps we recommend you take to maximize the full benefits of the audit and begin implementing operational improvements.

*We will always respond to your inquiries within three business days, and trust you to share what we ask for in a reasonable time – the sooner the better. For example: sending us the names and email addresses for survey takers, and setting up interview appointments no more than 10 days in the future, without rescheduling.

Your operations audit will begin within three business days of receiving payment in full, made payable to “Stephen P Brown”. A payment plan is available: 50% before the audit begins, and 50% before the report, plan and recommended steps are delivered.

By now you have decided you will most likely benefit tremendously from an Operations Audit. Next, you must convince yourself or your partners to pay for it! It’s unlikely this item was already in your budget, but it’s also just as likely that you have a willing funding source. Either go ahead and start your audit now, or let’s figure out together how to make it happen…

Please note: we are small business/ not-for-profit operations and productivity project management experts, and may recommend we work together on specific aspects of your action plan. You are under no obligation to do so.