How I compose: Step 2 – Instrumentation

Conductor Composer Maestro Stephen P Brown / Swedish Chamber Orchestra

A couple of weeks ago I shared how I start composing each of the pieces in my composition quest. It seemed to be a popular post! So after I’ve read the psalm, understood its meaning through commentary, and established the structure for my piece, the next step in composing music for me is choosing theĀ instrumentation. […]

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Composing E: The Final Product

What a journey this has been! I do hope you’ve enjoyed it. Well, our piece of music Sonata for Chamber Orchestra is complete. Probably. Like most things in life, there’s always room for a little change here and there but at the moment, I don’t forsee any such needs. OH! Tweetable šŸ™‚ Click it to […]

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Composing B: And so it begins…

Following last week’s post about how to start a composition, well… how I am starting this composition…Ā a few decisions have been made. Whilst looking around for a compositional structure I came across several main elements: Variation Twelve-tone Sonata form Rondo Tone poem and my favorite: Minimalism Each have their own special qualities and after a […]

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