• So THAT’S a marimba!

    This year’s featured concert work is David Gillingham’s Marimba Concerto #2, performed by our very own Alex Guini. If you don’t know what a marimba is, it can be one of the most beautiful, exotic, calming, mesmerizing instruments ever invented in the right hands. Come see if that’s what you and your friends will experience… Matched with Ginastera’s “Symphonic Dances” some Bernstein, and a Sousa march, this is surely a concert you HAVE to share! General Admission (in advance) $15 DMS Members: login for 33% discount Visit https://mydms.me/event-4429582 for details and advance registration

  • Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown

    When to say no

    Last night I performed at an awards ceremony. It was a great show directed by a great showman Peter Stark (the former American ballet dancer, not the English conductor). One of the musical highlights for me was conducting a special arrangement of “Kashmir” made famous by Led Zeppelin, and more recently by the electric string quartet “Escala“. Our arrangement was for full orchestra, rock band, vocal soloist and two choirs – love it.     But also on the programme was a peppy little number I wrote myself – the last movement of my Marimba Concerto 1. I led a performance of the whole piece earlier this week with Glenda…